Analyzing seismicity hazard in Boinzahra, Qazvin and Hamedan zones


Student of Earthquake Engineering in Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


Today analyzing seismicity hazard urban different areas is critical and inevitable due to develop and to expand cities in seismically active zones and naturally, the hazard because the earthquake is more in the bigger cities and the necessity to consider these hazards would be increased. Expanding the cities in Iran seismically active zones caused to be necessary to analyze earthquake hazard. Bouinzahra, Qazvin and Hamedan as cities in subject to earthquake hazard are perfect relevant instances. These important cities have been surrounded among active faults and it’s possible always to happen a big earthquake on it. For probabilistic risk analysis for different levels of software EZF RISK that a program is incredibly strong in this field has been used. This study analyzes the seismic hazard of earthquake for these 3 cities considering this truth by Probabilistic and Deterministic analyzing method. The results showed the relative level of earthquake hazard is high in these cities and it’s according to suggesting opinion of Iranian code of practice for seismic resistant design of buildings (2800).