Assessment of the Effects of Geological Formation on the Water Resources Quality in Arid and Semiarid Watersheds


1 Civil Engineering Department, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran

2 Research Scientist of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Tehran, Iran


One of the most important subjects in relation of water resources quality in the many of river is the chemical composition of waters and conservation of water quality in the watershed. Geological formations in any region of the earth are the main surface and foundation that water flows on the bed and strata of formation, which in fact they affect their characteristics on water quality as positive or negative effects. The effect of various geological formations analyzed from Pre-Cambrian to recent Era in some of region in Iran. To show their effects on water quality on a few of water rivers, and therefore to classified these formations, they divide into two separate groups; desirable and undesirable formations. It is necessary to classify them depend on their resistance against weathering and erosion. Influence of these two agents on geological formations will produce the material which effects on water quality that considered in this paper, it have been assessed and explained. There are many cases of river in different regions in Iran such as lower stream Karoon, Qezel-uzan, Qom-Rud River, and etc..., in which they passed and flow in the Neogene formations, and they have changed the water quality of rivers. It is notable that this study can be useful in river engineering, dam construction, flood spreading, rain water harvesting and transmission of water for drinking or agriculture targets.