Prediction and evaluation of runoff data in south of Qazvin watershed, using a fuzzy logic technique


1 Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying, Qazvin branch Islamic Azad University, Qazvin , Iran

2 Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Qazvin branch Islamic Azad University, Qazvin , Iran


The important criteria for designing in the most of hydrologic and hydraulic construction projects are based on runoff or peak-flow of water. Mostly, this measure and criterion is calculated or estimated by stochastic data. Another feature of these data that are used in watershed hydrological studies is their impreciseness. Therefore, in this study, in order to deal with uncertainty and impreciseness, based on Buckley’s estimation method, a fuzzy logic method of evaluating hydrological measures is developed. The method introduces triangular shape fuzzy numbers for different measures in which both of the uncertainty and impreciseness concepts are considered. Finally, to illustrate the methods more explicitly, the two algorithms are tested on a real case data.