Determining the Likelihood of Damage in Concrete and its Physical Structure


Department of Civil Engineering, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


Applying renormalization group theory to evaluate the safety of overall structure, local damage probability must be obtained at first. According to the results of unit detection test and numerical simulation, the methods how to determine local damage probability was presented in the paper. For small unit, meaning the unit size is far less than the maximum primitive cell or the structure size, if the unit is damaged by detection test, the local damage probability of it is defined as 1. Otherwise it is defined as 0. For large unit, the local damage probability is expressed by the ratio of volume summation of all damages to volume of the unit. The process of local damage probability to be obtained was also introduced. Based on the results of numerical simulation, the local damage probability how to be obtained was mainly expounded. Concrete strength was assumed to obey two parameter Waybill distributions. Therefore, damage probability based on stress of concrete structure may be developed to obey it. The steps of obtaining local damage probability are stated. Furthermore, determination of parameters was introduced in similar structure.