The Study of Improvement of Dispersive Soil Using Magnetic Field


1 Department of Water Science Engineering, ShahidChamranUniversity, Ahwaz, Iran

2 aDepartment of Water Science Engineering, ShahidChamranUniversity, Ahwaz, Iran

3 Department of Material Science And Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this study, the feasibility of using magnetic technology to reduce the dispersion of soil has been investigated. The reference treatment was potable water and 3 magnetic water devices (with different magnetic intensities) were used for magnetizing the potable water. The results showed that the magnetic field has a significant effect in order of 5 percent on increasing of magnesium concentration in soil columns and the calcium concentration in magnetic treatment was more than the reference treatment. It seemed that improving in hydrogen bonding between water molecules and clay particles and water trapping in soil caused reduction of salt in the soil. According to the increase of calcium and magnesium bivalent Cations in the soil, it is suggested that the use of magnetic field could improve soil’s dispersion and decrease the degree of soil’s dispersion.