Structural Damage Identification of Plate Structures based on Frequency Response Function and Natural Frequencies


Assistant Professor, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, a structural damage identification method (SDIM) is developed for plate-like structures. This method is derived using dynamic equation of undamaged/damaged plate, in which local change in flexural rigidity is characterized utilizing a damage distribution function. The SDIM requires to modal data in the intact state and frequency response of damage state where most of vibration based damage identification techniques requires to modal data in both states. Change of mode shapes of damaged plate are approximated as a linear combination of mode shapes of intact plate and are considered in dynamic equation of damaged plate. Constant Coefficients of linear combination have been evaluated using perturbed equation of motion and the damage distribution function. Two strategies for making the inverse problem damage identification are introduced in connection with damage the present SDIM: (1) by using sensitivity of natural frequencies and (2) by using FRF-data, a sufficient number of equations can be derived to detect magnitude and location of damage. The feasibility of presented method is validated through some numerically simulated damage identification test taking into account random noise in FRF-data.