A Comparison of Seismic Safety of Steel MRF Designed According to Different Editions of Iranian Seismic Code

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Department of civil, Faculty of Engineering, University of Zanjan, Iran


In this paper, efforts are made to compare the safety of steel moment resistant frames designed according to different editions of the Iranian code of Practice for seismic resistant design of buildings. Also, failure risk of a low and medium height frame which designed for high and low seismicity regions according to three editions of the code are evaluated. First, the testing cases were designed and based on a simplified method the fragility functions of frames were evaluated. The probability of failure of frames was calculated by multiplying the fragility function and hazard curves in probabilistic manner. The results indicate that, apart from some exceptions, every edition of new code provides better safety for structures. However, within a single version of the code, the consistency of safety has not been maintained. The structures designed for low seismicity regions are more reliable than those which designed for high seismicity regions. Further research should address this issue and fix the possible.